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  • Melissa Arnold

Weekend with Shooting Stars

I have been blessed most of my life with having a few great people in my life at any given time. I consider this a blessing simply because God says in the scriptures that if you have one friend then you are a rich man(woman). Since I have moved to North Texas, I have been over run with some truly remarkable people and been able to work alongside them on several projects that not only help me express my artistic impulsiveness but also help provide for my family. That is after all what we all strive to do....enjoy work so that we can eat and pay bills.:) At the top of this list since my fall down the stair last year and my heart episode that the doctors NEVER were able to figure out, I have worked with the Greater Anna Chamber of Commerce. This group of people, even though there have been a few changes and some have passed on, are rockin the city of Anna. I am able to cover the Annual Banquet each year and have met some extraordinary folk. I just want to share this with anyone who might listen. It makes me find joy in my heart when people of different backgrounds, ethnicity, color, gender, and staus come together to celebrate one another in helping grow a town to a city in order to benefit all involved....and I am not even inside the city limits! Great

place to work and make new friends. Enjoy some of the photos that I had the pleasure of taking.

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