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Just checking on everyone :)

I have been working a little bit as we all get moving again in a healthy world. We did lose a few people that we knew to the virus but we also lost people to cancer and the flu or rather symptoms that complicated other factors in their body. My prayers are with you if you lost someone to the virus and I wanted to let you know that there is love and life even after tragedy. It's Easter today, one if not my very favorite day of the year, today. I am blessed to have a wonderful family in that even though the ebb and flow of life, we all still love one another. We may yell at each other from time to time and say stupid things to hurt each other here and there, but family can't go anywhere even if there are miles between us. There is only one guarantee in life and that is your certain death. I tell my kids this all the time so they will possibly make their lives count. We all know this saying can be applied in many different ways, but to live with purpose and love and to know that you are loved is paramount in most people's hearts. There is no greater story ever told then that of a man named Jesus who claimed to be the only Son of God and then live His short 33 years in a way that He could then die a death that loomed over every man woman and child as penalty for the sin that lives in us all. Jesus died so that we would not have to but He also gave us His spirit to keep us until He returns. Jesus spoke these things regularly and was killed for saying the truth. Pick up a bible. It will be the only book that will satisfy your soul and stir up your life. Start with learning about what eye witnesses said about Jesus first. Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Get the gty sermon app on your phone. John MacArthur is a man who has the Holy Spirit in Him and teaches all that God has shown him over 50 years. Don't allow anything to stand in your way to finding out why this "man" changed the world.

You are loved and He proved it.

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