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Style, flair, class, and attention to detail are all trademarks of Texas Red Photography. From simple stills to elaborate onsite locations together we can capture your moments in time accurately, and beautifuly to suit even the most particular eye. My goal is to capture your event, portrait, or ideas so they can be shown and relived with the same fondness and emotions they produced the exact moment they happened for many years to come. 

"Melissa's work brings to photography what songwriters and performers can only hope their art brings to the ears and hearts of their fans. There's a vibe, an 'aliveness' to her live music photographs that literally steals the moment, places it captive in her hands and then allows later viewers to relive more than merely the look of that second in time. Her grasp of colors, contrast, angles and the very emotions that ripple across the faces and bodies of the performers she photographs, allows her to tell a story as powerful as any of her subjects. Further, her understanding of those same requirements to capturing great live shots helps her still photo work to be anything but still, brimming with life and a realness hard to translate through a lens. Simply put, she has a gift for both creating and recreating, that elevates her work to the top of my list."   M. A. Atwood

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