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Classic Beauty

Melissa came to me through a friend, who explained to her that getting a portrait session should not be so expensive or difficult. She waited til 2 weeks before the wedding day to decide to get her dress session and then her dress had to still be altered. She drove to me, we pinned the dress and she sat in my living room to get this photo. I put a rush on her canvas through my vendor and her artwork was displayed on the piano and table at her wedding on her wedding day. I am a simple woman that believes that true beauty is captured and the scenery around a bride is simply the frame. My bridal sessions are $200.00. Travel is extra and I do not pay to get into a "special" location to take a photo. With this session, you will get the proofs and 3 poses of your choice. A printing licence in $75.00 but will still contain a very small watermark for respect of the work I give on your shoot. I am able to make graphic art and am efficient in Photoshop to design invitations, flyers, and posters. I live 14 miles north of McKinney, Texas and certainly look forward to capturing the most memorable day of a woman's life next to the birth of her first baby, which I also am available for.:)

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