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  • Melissa Arnold

Wesley Michael Hayes

I recently met Wes as a referral through a PR agent out of Houston. As usual, the first time that I met him, I told him what to wear, how to stand and where along with made him a hair appointment for the promo shoot that we were about to do. I learned a little about Wes that day. I learned that he writes music and lyrics as easy as you and I speak. I learned that he is a US history teacher and coach for an Oklahom High School near Tulsa. The more I paid attention to what he said and the style in which he spoke, the more I found myself comparing him to a modern day Waylon Jennings. Wesley's music is completely textured with the real sound of country music keeping step with so many of the great singer songwriters of the past and present. Barry Amato from Line Dance Advantage in Nashville just asked Wesley to come make a LINE DANCE video with the dance he and two other international choreographers created tot he song, Memphis. "Watch this one" is what I find myself also saying just as I did with Blackberry Smoke and Whiskey Myers. The world is lready enjoying Wesley's music and so can you. Here are two links. One is for the song and the second for the line dance video. Y'all enjoy!

The photo in this post was taken outside Coweta, Oklahoma on a 4th of July Festival we went to film.

BUY Memphis here....

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